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Cynthia Rowland Facial Magic Review

This review is for the product "Facial Magic" by Cynthia Rowland. I own the basic package, which comes with a DVD, a booklet, a counting CD, 3 pairs of gloves to help you anchor the facial muscles properly, and two jars of cream for every day use. If you are not sure about what I am reviewing, you can click the link below for more product details.

I first became interested in facial exercises when I was in my late twenties. I have a fairly round face, and until then people had always guessed me to be younger than I was. However, as I approaching 30 people were guessing correctly - and sometimes even adding a few years. I had worked in the hospitality trade since I was in my teens, and as this involves late nights, often grabbing not so-healthy food at strange times and smoky atmospheres along with alcoholic drinks - it is no wonder my lifestyle was beginning to take its toll and show itself on my face.

I had never heard of facial exercises, and my efforts at trying to stay looking young, or at least no older than I actually was, were limited to buying whatever creams I found in local shops, and the odd visit to a beauty salon. This was pre-internet days, and the resources we now take for granted just weren't around then.

I first heard of facial exercises when I was browsing through some reduced books in a store.  One of the books was "Joseph Corvo's Zone Therapy." Joseph's book is a series of instructions how to massage the face to improve the function of important organs such as the liver, spleen and kidneys, and he also gave 15 exercises to be done every day to get rid of lines and help reverse the aging process. This concept sounded very interesting to me and as the book cost less than a dollar at a reduced price, I bought it.

I used the exercises on and off for several years, and was typically guessed to be aged around 27. Although the exercises did not bring about a radical change as they were more massage-based, they did improve my complexion, and gave my face more definition. For some reason, or probably a combination of reasons that aren't clear to me nearly 20 years later, I kind of forgot about them and stopped doing them. The book got lost or thrown away, and as I was caring for a sick relative at that time, I guess other things were more uppermost in my mind. But I continued to be interested in anything to do with health and anti-aging, and when I got online in 1999, I was thrilled to see the amount of products available that can't be found in local stores. 

I bought LOTS of facial exercise and skin care products during the early years from 2000 to 2010 which included several of the best sellers on the topic.

So why did I continuously buy product after product? Didn't they work?

The problem is, most of the programs took too long. If a program says it will take 20 minutes per day, in my experience, you can double that figure to get a more accurate estimation. Sad as it is, most of us just do not have the time to take 30 to 45 minutes each day and find a place where we will not be disturbed to practice facial exercises.

Finally I came across Facial Magic by Cynthia Rowland, but  I was really reluctant to spend more money on a program that would likely end up in the bottom of a drawer. However, I had seen a short video from Cynthia showing a class how to do the exercises online, and I liked her teaching style.

The way she explained the positioning of the fingers was extremely clear - something I had not found in the other programs I had tried. 

When my package from Cynthia arrived, I was also happy to see that she does not expect you to go from doing no exercises to suddenly finding time to do a full program every day. Let's face it, most of us just won't find the time to stick to it and will end up doing nothing. With Facial Magic, you start with just two exercises that take less than two minutes to complete. As the weeks go by and the muscles begin to get stronger, you then add some more movements each week. The result is that you do stick with it as you are building on what you have already achieved and only adding a matter of seconds or minutes to the routine every time.

Once you have got your desired results you only do the exercises three times a week for maintenance.

I also liked that a number of Cynthia's customers feature in the DVD. They are able to give you tips on how to stick with it because they are just people like you and I who started the program and got astounding results without having anything to do with creating the program. Other facial exercise programs are demonstrated by the creators, which is all well and good, but they do it for a living, and may forget the problems beginners face when trying to master the moves and make the exercises part of their daily routine.

Diann Before and After Facial Magic

As a customer of Cynthia's, rather than an expert, Diann gives some excellent tips on how to best use the Facial Magic program on the training DVD

If you do this program five or six days a week, you will see fabulous changes to your face within a very short time. There are no side effects, and many 40-plus folk, including myself, are now able to live our lives to the full again - finding once more we are attractive to the opposite sex and can enjoy all our favorite activities without spending many wasted hours trying to disguise blemishes and wrinkles before wanting to leave the house.

I came across this online testimonial regarding Facial Magic which I have republished below. I think it sums the program up very well.

I can relate to that review because it was written by someone just like myself - someone who just wanted to get rid of her baggy eyes, "laughter" lines, and get her toned jaw back...she just wanted to look younger and feel attractive again - the same thing I wanted.

It is also reassuring to know that Facial Magic was first introduced in the 1980s and since then has been tested by thousands of men and women worldwide. It is not a fly-by-night product that is here today and will disappear tomorrow.

Results are easy to track - Cynthia advises her clients to record their results in a booklet she supplies, and tells you exactly how to do it - so it is possible to see all the facial changes before and after using the system.

Although Cynthia herself does not like to tell her age, the fact that she has children well in their forties means she must be in her late sixties at least. But she has an appearance many 45-year women would be jealous of.

How Does Facial Magic Work?

In my opinion the Facial Magic system works because it does not leave any part of your facial exercise program to chance.

Not only do you get a DVD with very clear instructions how to do each of the 18 facial exercises, but you also get a CD for the days that you might be in a hurry and want to do the exercises quickly. The CD can be recorded to your iPod cell phone or other MP3 player and can then be used any time you have a spare 10 minutes. 

I have even used it in the cloakroom at work, in the car, and also when I am in the house and may not be in the same room as my computer, or in the mood to fire it up, but find I have a spare ten minutes. All I need to do is sit somewhere comfortable and listed to the recording on my phone. You will hear Cynthia's voice telling you exactly how to position your fingers before each exercise, and then she will count the seconds you need to hold the position for you. This makes exercising really simple; as all you have to do is sit back and relax while following her instructions.

On the days that you don't have the chance to watch the DVD or listen to the CD, you can follow the instructions in the Facial Magic Success booklet. This easily fits into any handbag or pocket, so there is never an excuse not to do the exercises, even on the busiest of days. I have been able to follow the program the recommended 5 to 6 times a week without fail due to setting up the counting CD on my phone and always carrying the small book in my bag.

As well as the facial exercise program, you will also get two jars of facial gel, which is called "DailyLift." This is not just another ineffective moisturizing cream, but rather a gel that gives instant results as it tightens and firms the skin and reduces the look of wrinkles immediately. It is perfect to use for social events when you want a younger look instantly.

In the basic Facial Magic package there are three pairs of cotton gloves. Don't make the mistake I did of thinking this was just a fussy thing that could be left out. The facial exercise programs I tried before Facial Magic never mentioned gloves. This is a mistake. Without gloves you can't anchor the muscles correctly. While you're doing the exercises the skin and muscles are likely to slip under your fingers.

Not anchoring the muscles properly can have an effect on your results as the exercises will not be as effective. I now see another reason why the other programs I tried did not give me such good results: I only had a video or DVD showing a person doing the exercises - they did not tell me exactly where to put my fingers or how to make sure that my fingers did not slip during the exercises. Just placing your fingers a few millimeters off the target muscle can be the difference between the exercises working or not - but Cynthia makes sure that you will know exactly where to put your fingers, whether you are using the DVD, CD or book. Once you have done each exercise for a week or two you will find it is second nature - but learning them properly first is very important to how quickly you will see positive changes.

Thousands of people over the world have found this system works - and quickly. 

But you do not have to take my word for it!

Click the link below to read more testimonials and see before and after pictures of other people who are using the program.

Click Here for Facial Magic Before and After Pictures

Note: Usually you will actually see results immediately, but when you first start doing the exercises the results will fade soon after you finish each exercise - sometimes within a few minutes, or sometimes they might last an hour or two. As the days go by the results will last longer and within just a few weeks time they will become permanent as the muscles get stronger.

The time it takes for permanent improvement will depend on your age and how bad your signs of aging are - I am 47, and people began noticing a change and complimenting me within about two to three weeks.

This lady pictured above is a client of Cynthia's featured on her website. Click on her picture to see more "Before and Afters" on the Rejenuve site.

Below are some of Cynthia's Rowland's more popular products - click on any one of them to find out more. Alternatively, click here for a full list of Cynthia's products.

Facial Magic Starter Kit (DVD) 

Facial Magic Starter Kit This package includes the following: Facial Magic VHS (English only) or DVD (English and Spanish) 
 64 page Facial Magic Success Booklet,
The Counting CD
 3 pair exercise gloves
 2-1oz. Facial Magic DailyLift

Facial Magic Basic Kit & 1 Lucious Lip Pump 

Facial Magic Starter Kit This package includes the following: Facial Magic VHS (English only) or DVD (English and Spanish) 
 64 page Facial Magic Success Booklet,
The Counting CD
 3 pair exercise gloves
 2-1oz. Facial Magic DailyLift

 Plus one Lucious Lips pump

Facial Magic Bonus Kit (DVD)

Facial Magic Bonus Kit This premium package includes the following: Facial Magic VHS (English only) or DVD (English and Spanish)
 64-page Facial Magic Success Booklet
 The Counting CD
 3 pairs exercise gloves
 2 x1oz. Facial Magic DailyLift Facial Magic Gel Cleanser
4oz Facial Magic UnderEye Nourisher .
5 oz Facial Magic Daytime Skin Nutrition
2 oz Facial Magic Overnight Sensation - 2 oz

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